Welcome to Sweepy


Our visual indicators will help you measure the cleanliness of your home and choose what you will clean next.


Use the Smart Schedule to automatically generate a cleaning list that matches your availability for the day


Add your household members to the app and share the workload with them. Compete for a spot on the family leaderboard!


Review the work of your little ones and manually approve their tasks to reward them points.

Create a list of all your cleaning chores

Configure all the tasks that need to be done in your house. We have a large selection of task suggestions, which makes the process of setting up your home faster. You can also create as many custom tasks as you want for free.

Decide how much time you want to spend cleaning today

Each task in Sweepy carries up to 3 points. Easy tasks like “dust surfaces” might carry 1 point. More tedious tasks like sweeping and mopping the floor carry 3 points. Depending on your mood, you can filter tasks by level of difficulty and dirtiness. This way, you can choose a task that won't take much effort when you are tired but that will still make your home cleaner!

Track your progress and stay motivated

Keep up your cleaning streak with Sweepy! Feel proud of yourself when you browse the history of your accomplished cleaning tasks. Cleaning your surroundings has also been proven to help you reduce stress, feelings of anxiety, and depressive symptoms.

Automatically generate a cleaning schedule

As a premium user, you will be able to generate an everyday cleaning checklist. Tell Sweepy how much you want to clean every day of the week, and depending on your effort configuration, we will generate a needed number of tasks.

Share the chores with your household members

With Sweepy, you no longer have to clean all by yourself! Invite your family members or roommates to join in, and complete your cleaning tasks together. For the little ones, Sweepy also has an approval system. Their tasks will be marked as completed only after a parent's validation. Compete for the top position on the leaderboard and turn your cleaning routine into a game!



I love Sweepy

I love Sweepy - it keeps me organized with a feeling of being in control, turns chores into a game and gives me feedback and encouragement.



The app allows you to customize tasks for each room

As a mum with severe ADHD keeping on top of the housework is normally an absolute nightmare. The app allows you to customize tasks for each room, assign chores to individual household members, set up rotating rosters and so much more.



My home had never been cleaner

Sweepy has been a super big help for me! I’m so unorganized, and this app keeps me motivated to get stuff done every day. I love it. My home had never been cleaner.




Unlimited room and task creation

Cleaning history

Cleaning challenges crafted by our team


$ 8.99 /month

Unlimited room and task creation

Cleaning history

Cleaning challenges crafted by our team

Smart cleaning schedule

Multiple household members

Task validation

Only one subscription per household required

Cleaning Made Fun and Easy with Sweepy

If you struggle to keep your home organized and can't motivate yourself to clean, give Sweepy a shot! This app has already helped over 500,000 households get their cleaning routine on track. Try Sweepy, and keep us updated of your progress!